Tuesday, November 23, 2004


hadui..its been a long time since d last time i wrote something..life is bz rite now..after rayer..coming back to u, for my remaining exam paper..den i'm gonna b freeeeeeeeeeeeeee..hahahhahah best2..most of my frens already packing for their things..today is their last paper;analogue electronics..giler sial susah woooo...otak terbakar wa cakap luuu..cam nak bunuh students jer wat soklan g2..kalu bagi 5 jam okey gaks..nih 3 jam jerrr (xcukup aaahhh)..i have one more paper 2 go..den bleh wat cuti2 malaysia..hahahahha still i havent read anything for that paper..aaaaa so lazyy woooooooo...hahahaha skang aku sdang active mendonlop anime..sian comp nih dh heavy glerrr..tggl 2 gig jerrr hahahah..abis xam noh pe agi..start burn anime laks hahahhahahahhahha..not for myself laaaa..its for my sis burfday..she's so crazy bout anime so i think i juz make a copy lahhh..kalu nak beli aiyyooooo mau cekau duit..RM 50 and above woooo..kalu burn br braper cd..cd braper posen jerrr..profits berlipat ganda hahahaha..bleh bukak kilang pirate ah lepas nih huhuhuhu...yayyyyyyy =)


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