Wednesday, October 06, 2004

malaysian idol vs akedemi fantasia???

now everyone is talkin' bout malaysian idol..jac or dina?which one will be da 1st malaysian idol..i think both of then have 50-50 chances.they have a good vocal..really2 can sing..hmmmm but i dont like msian idol..they kinda syiok sendirik dina..kater rock tapik wat prangai gedik..manjer2 la plak..spoil ah..jac pon lbey kureng jerrr..2x5..i would gladly vote for one of them but den wen i c the gedik thing, i juz like aarrrgggghh buang duit jerrr...they need to be themselves..u dont have to wat2 muker comel (jac) and muker manjer2 (dina)..we love 4 wat u r..dont spoil the malaysian idol laaahhh..for me akedemi fantasia (AF) have created a fever all around the is the top tv show ah..akademi is da greatest..i dont say malaysian idol is ummppphhh ampes but let say it cant be as gempak as i an af fanatic fan cos it seems like im backing the af so much? no lah..i dont call myself a fanatic fan..juz a normal fan lah..i did vote a few for my fave..who??????????????? of course ZAHID and BOB..bob deserved to win lah..compared to adam..giler meniru KRU..we didnt want another clone laaahh..upssss i need to get going..have another class after dissss...c ya again


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