Monday, September 27, 2004

project and project and anotherrr one

hmmmmmmmm..another project adds up in da list..adoooiii..up to now i have 3 projects dat need to b submitted on the same week;week 15. dis week is week i juz have 3 week so implement and design them.woooowww tough dowhhhh.still i need to do some research.for ee lab project i need to design a power supplying unit; for analogue i have to implement an ultrasonic transmitter, a receiver (for detecting an obstacle ahead) and finally for microprocessor i need to come up with a program (alarm detector for handicap)...fuuuhhhhhh fenin dowwwhhhh..den still i have tests, assigns to b submitted and bla bla blahhh..zzzzzzz not enuff sleep..everyday lectures start at 8 am and end at tired..hungryyy..sleeepppppyyyy.. wowowowow life is unfair...

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

raining n raining n raining

huiii so cold the afternoon it was hell hot..den it started to rain n rain n rain again..the wind fuuuyyyooooooo kuat gaban nak pecah windows..isk3 dasat wooo..hmmm 2day wasnt a bad day after all..btw i was quite happy dowh..know wat i was chosen to go a field trip next week..yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....syiokknyer..chosen over 200++ students..quite lucky loooorrr...but den my best fren aint got a place..atoiii sian..only 40 students were chosen for the field trip..sorry for the rest of the class but wat 2 do only 40 students maaaa..mayb next time des another field trip for ee eng far the cvl eng students easily get the approval for any field trip..go there..go here..but for ee students i guess dis is gonna be the 1st time ah for my batch..the management is kerek with ee students...hmmmmm i wonder y..uuuuu sejuknyerrrrr...

Monday, September 20, 2004

first n foremost

hahahah at 1st blog..b4 dis, i read only others stuffs..but now i can write too..pelangi malam?hmmm sounds jiwang ah..dalam dowh meaning dier..haaaaa cheewah..2day wasnt a fun lab demostrator wasss sssssooooo kerek today..i wondered y..he gave me b+ for my experiment..cissss fenat aku wat seharian tau..not including that tiny minny graph..arggghhh..ampes grad dis year dah ngengada..boikot sedunia br tau..fulled with bad thing lah 2day..aisehhh..okehla enuff 4 my ist thingy..fly2 over the moon