Tuesday, November 23, 2004


hadui..its been a long time since d last time i wrote something..life is bz rite now..after rayer..coming back to u, for my remaining exam paper..den i'm gonna b freeeeeeeeeeeeeee..hahahhahah best2..most of my frens already packing for their things..today is their last paper;analogue electronics..giler sial susah woooo...otak terbakar wa cakap luuu..cam nak bunuh students jer wat soklan g2..kalu bagi 5 jam okey gaks..nih 3 jam jerrr (xcukup aaahhh)..i have one more paper 2 go..den bleh wat cuti2 malaysia..hahahahha still i havent read anything for that paper..aaaaa so lazyy woooooooo...hahahaha skang aku sdang active mendonlop anime..sian comp nih dh heavy glerrr..tggl 2 gig jerrr hahahah..abis xam noh pe agi..start burn anime laks hahahhahahahhahha..not for myself laaaa..its for my sis burfday..she's so crazy bout anime so i think i juz make a copy lahhh..kalu nak beli aiyyooooo mau cekau duit..RM 50 and above woooo..kalu burn br braper cd..cd braper posen jerrr..profits berlipat ganda hahahaha..bleh bukak kilang pirate ah lepas nih huhuhuhu...yayyyyyyy =)

Monday, October 25, 2004

berhenti berharap!!!!!!!

fuuuhhhh..juz finished my eelab viva test!!!fewwwwwwwww at last!!! MANNNNN it took us almost 5 hours to finish it..we started at 8 and finished at 12++++..dats the longest lab ive ever been..juz imagine lah time tuh gak br nak ajar canner nak guner curver tracer..lab plak bkn sket..full house maaa..den there are only 4 curve tracer..mau queue ding dong..den my projects are about 2 settle..one simulation more..2 troubleshooting den they all gonna vanish from my sight hahahahaha..but then i'll be sitting for my final xam..up 2 now my cw marks are x guuuddd lahh..i need 2 work harder for my final..i did lots of careless in my test..i didnt know y..i've stated the correct answer but then i circled the wrong one????!!!!!how come; i myself didnt knoe..i juz threw precious marks into the bin!!!argggggggghhhhh!!!!nampaknyer terpaksa la h aku berhentoi berharap

Saturday, October 23, 2004

final xam is coming

less den 2 weeks, i'll be sitting 4 my final xam..fuuuuhhhh..still i have 3 projects to submit, 1 report, 1 viva test and 1 test..all need to be done by d end of this week..fuuuhhh i say dats gonna need lots of attention dowhhhh...i have 4 papers b4 rayer and 2 more papers after rayer..but for now i need to concentrate on my projects.. 2 of them are almost settled..juz need to make some troubleshoots and do a few simulation.. fuuuuhhhhhhh....

Friday, October 15, 2004

selamat berpuasa

slamat berpuasa to all..today is da 1st day of fasting..uuuuu 29 days to go b4 rayer hahahha..xsyiok langsong mkn pepagi..i woke up at 4.30 am to sahur..drink some milo,eat a couple of tuna bread and had a cold last nite cheezy wages..urgggghhhh my stomach still dont used to have an early breakfast, so i felt like throwing up..hmmm but nicely done milo saved me huhuhuhu..but then this is the 1st day of ramadhan..may god bless me and others..

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

reshmonu vs test hahahhaa

hmmmm yesterday i went to ip to meet my man reshmonu..yay!!!!i saw reshmonu..reshmonu was in da house..also there were zarina from af2 and 3R gurls rafidah, kartini, celena and yuen..kartina was sssooooo cute maaaa..cuter than seen in tv..celena is tall..woooo i never xpect dat..rafidah was macho and zarina dot3 sooooooooooo cute..sesangat lawa..sporting gler..reshmonu was sporting..zarina comeeeyyyyy..really a star..tabik spring for all of them..yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy besttttt!!!!!!!!!!! den 2day i juz had my test..the microp thingy..so hard loorrrr..he gave so much thing to think and calculate but then gave only one hour to finish it..fenin2 atoooooooiiii hahahhahha..then i had my viva for my eelab ..hmmmm i thought the viva thing'll be nxt week..dennn zappppp it was 2day.. ai ya yaaaaaa..but overall i feelll guuuuuuuudddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd hahahha

Sunday, October 10, 2004

after the rain

hmmmm the sky is turning bright again..lots of dragonflies are flying all overrrr...the grass looks greener..hmmmm after the rain perot pon raser lapar..tapik satu jerrr yg pelik..naper lps ujan, lots of butterflies, dragonflies r coming out aaaa?the breeza is soothing..hmmm bestnyierrrr feeling..best2...love is like da wind; u cant c it but u can feel it..yeaaaaaahhhh

Saturday, October 09, 2004

dah demam malaysian idol????

so we all watched the malaysian idol final last nite...wat dya think bout their performance? i think jac can win ah judging from the last nite performance..dina? pancit ah..and i think her dresses were not look on her aaaaa..also jac's dresses..they looked funny and xkicked with the songs..we all (my frens and i) could c dat dina was pancit dat nite but the judges still said she was good? i wonder....hmmmmmmmmm seeerrriiiiiiesssly she pancit laaaa...dgr pon dah tau..jac was waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too good last nite..a performance of a super dooooppppperrrr singer..juz like wat uncle roslan said..gooooooo jac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!